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FSBO vs. Realtor®

FSBO vs. Realtor®

It’s an age old question.  Should we use a Realtor® or sell on our own?

Due to the current state of the market, it may be tempting to sell your own home.  As an agent for over 12 years, I have seen this mistake made over and over again. I saw it again this past weekend.  My buyers wanted to go see a FSBO (for sale by owner) home, I contacted the seller and worked to set up the details.

In the initial conversation with the seller, I mentioned that if my clients are interested, I would probably be requesting a 3% buyer broker fee opposed to the lower amount they were expecting.  The seller accepted immediately, no negotiating or additional conversation. As a representative of my buyers this was a good thing. If the seller wasn’t able to negotiate this how were they going to get the most for their home?  I knew my buyers would come out with a good, but low price for this home.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to see the home due to the sellers busy schedule, my buyers became frustrated and ultimately uninterested.  This speaks volumes in today’s market. Houses are averaging less than three days on the market and inventory is the lowest I have ever seen it and they still decided to walk away.

Had this individual listed with me, they would have had a carefree, full service experience. Start to finish, I would have handled it all. It’s a good chance this home could have had multiple offers and a bidding war.  The seller would have had me to deal with showings, qualifying buyers, appraisal issues, inspections, remedies, contracts and getting them in the hands of a good title company, all while protecting them from wire fraud and being alone with random strangers in their home. It’s not only awkward, it’s not very safe.  I know people want to save a buck but in this market you are losing out on money if you aren’t hiring a good agent. Sure, the seller might get an offer and sell it, but it won’t be anywhere near what they could have gotten! Some sellers are getting upwards to 30 offers! This poor seller is struggling just to get a showing.

Honestly, it is a sellers’ market and will be for some time.  A seller should be laid back and relaxed knowing their home will sell quickly and for the most money possible.  Listing your home with a good agent is the right choice to make.

If you are considering selling your home, please contact me for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION discussion about your options as a seller.  My ultimate goal is to get my client the most money with very little work on their part. Let me help you get the most for your home.

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